Custom Hunts

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Custom Hunts
(Not Red Stag or Bull Tahr Package Hunts)

Location. of your trophy hunt may take place on one or more locations, mostly in the South Island.

South Island. Hunt red stag, Elk, NZ wapiti, fallow deer, tahr, chamois, whitetail deer, wild ram, Arapawa ram, feral goat and wild boar. Our properties are large sheep stations (ranches), with large tracks of wilderness land and game parks. The terrain varies from rolling open tussock hills to steep high peaked mountains.

North Island. Hunt sika, rusa and sambar deer on small farms of rolling hill country, which can be heavily bushed or semi-open grasslands.

Airfare. can be calculated from Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco to Christchurch (CHCH) and back approximately $1,500 between March 13 and September 1..

Day Rate. for trophy hunting averages $1,000 per day, 2x1. Non hunter $250 per day.

Trophy Fees. apply for all animals, details may be found on our Rate Sheet.

NZ Hunt. offers some of New Zealand's best traditional free-range hunting on private ranch and public land, where hunting is carried out by vehicle and on foot. Our hunting areas constantly produce some of the best traditional fair-chase hunts in the world today. No matter what your physical condition is, we can tailor a hunt to suit you. Non-hunters are welcome and every effort will be made to see that their vacation is as exciting as yours, whether they choose to walk along with you, stay in camp or stay off the property at a nearby lodge or hotel while enjoying non-hunting adventures of their own.

Custom Hunts. are mainly conducted on private game ranches (High Fenced) that range in size to suit both bow and rifle hunters. All hunts are tailored specifically for individuals/husbands/wives/families/groups who seek a fun-filled and physically challenging hunting vacation. Each component is charged separately: number of hunting days, airfare, trophy fees, number of hunters per guide, type of accommodation, size of trophy you wish to hunt and preference for free-range or game park hunting. If you hunt with a rifle, black powder or bow and are serious about traditional hunting for well-deserved trophies, we can help you design the trip you want.

Bird Shooting. there are hundreds of black Swans in the area and we do use some decoys. They are resident birds and are hunted most of the year. We also like to jump shoot. You can buy up to 3" 12 ga. mag. with steel shot in NZ, but if you wish to shoot 3 1/2" mag, then bring 4 boxes with you. We use No. 2 and 4 in lead shot. We shoot paradise ducks from May through July. Please be certain that your guide is aware that you wish to bird shoot, as it is necessary to buy a license, one of the few necessary in NZ which is approx $50US.

Small Game. such as wallabies may usually be taken at no extra fee if encountered, also rabbits, hares and opossums. Join our “Little Five Club” cat, opossum, hare, rabbit, and hedge hog.

Fishing. is available in most places but the best fly fishing is in our summer from November to March. This also requires a license at an approximate cost of $50US.

Accommodations. for trophy hunts are second to none with hunters and their companions having a combination of Lodges, Motels and Farm Stays. Here you are treated to traditional Kiwi hospitality, enjoying our meals and lifestyle, with two to five nights at each place during your custom trophy hunt.

Time of Year. for your hunt will depend on several factors: availability of quality animals in a given area, hunting pressure, rutting season and species desired. Stags are hunted during the roar (March-April), which has this name as they make a lion-like sound, not a bugle like American Elk. May is the best month for tahr and for the fit bow hunter. However June and July is the Tahr rut and with a lot of snow this is the best time to get good horns with a great life size cape. Bow hunters will spot and stalk and be prepared to shoot at 40 yards while rifle hunters although most shots are at 200 yards, one can shoot up to 400.


To schedule your hunt or to find out more contact:

Phil Wilson: 916-813-3006

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